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Dispute Resolution

Construction Project Management is a study in aggressive, but effective negotiation. The competing demands of schedule, budget and quality and the conflicting interests of subcontractors, Owners and outside agencies all require deft handling. What lessons have I drawn from my thirty years in construction?


Contractors need to be paid for the fair value of the work done. That sometimes requires the resolution of controversial or disputed change orders.


Avoid litigation if at all possible. It is expensive and uncertain. No matter how confident you might be in the merits of your position, it is impossible to know how litigation will turn out. And, given the cost of litigation, victory often can be Pyrrhic, with more treasure lost in the struggle than gained in the triumph.


Most disputes arise out of the inherent conflicts built into a contract's schedule, budget and quality standards, not from malice. The sooner an issue is addressed the more easily it will be to resolve. The longer it is left to fester the messier and more complicated it becomes. This is particularly true when one party is a bureaucracy.


I am a member of the American Arbitration Association (AAA) panel of Neutrals. I have successfully prepared many claims and resolved many disputes and claims over the last thirty-years. Before you let a problem become intractable, please call to discuss how I might be of help.



Alternative Dispute Resolution Training

2016 AAA Arbitrator

2016 AAA Arbitrator Training, Miami, FL

2015 Community Mediation, Inc. - 40-Hour Basic Mediation Training

2008 American Dispute Resolution Center Advanced Arbitrator Training I

2002 American Dispute Resolution Center Arbitratior Training Workshop

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